Join the GLAM4GOOD Movement

By Cassie Hudson 02.13.2017 blog

GLAM4GOOD  is an organization and social movement that ignites positive social change style. The organization partners with non-profits, media outlets and fashion brands to provide life-changing makeovers, dramatic giveaways and transformative fashion experiences for everyday heroes and people in need.

glam4goodIf you’re interested in joining the GLAM4GOOD movement, here’s what YOU can do:

1. Pretty is as pretty does! If you are interested in partnering, writing or volunteering for GLAM4GOOD you can reach out here:

2. Nominate a hero! Do you know someone who deserves the full glam experience? You can share their story here:

3. Spread the word on social media! Create and celebrate social impact through you beauty & style posts using the hashtag #GLAM4GOOD.

glam4good2If you decide to make an impact with the #GLAM4GOOD cause, let us know how in the comment section below!


  1. Adrienne Parker

    Glam 4 Good sounds pretty cool! I might like to write for it.

  2. Katie Collins

    I think it’s really cool and that I really love fashion, so it’s AWESOME!

  3. shavonne

    I thank that is awesome and i would like to join in glam for good!!!!!

  4. Carmen CC

    Stop saying bad things about President Trump & say good things about him so my teacher can breakdance in front of the room

  5. dakota grove

    i thing it is a good think to do.

  6. Ashley

    I think that the glam4 good is a new way to start fashion right at my school

    • dakota grove

      i thing it is a good thing

  7. Layla

    I think that fashion can lift many sprits , because people can want to do fashion as a priority. Lets fashion on

  8. Makinzie

    I think that glam4good is a great way to get fashion started why can’t she come to my school?

    • ajana hall from michigan

      i think it is really cool that they made this program and made it so people that cant afford things like prom dresses and stuff get a chance and it was kinda cool that maryella stevinson was the principal for a day if i was there i would feel good abut my self because of what i was doing to help other people

  9. Madison

    I love how she came to the school and was principal for a day. Very inspiring. I want GLAM 4 GOOD to come to our school.

  10. Briana W.

    Yes, I think fashion will build self of steam for them self because girls/boys might feel at lot better about them self knowing that they look beautiful.

  11. Recayaisa

    yes i love the new glam 4 good i wish we had it in pit tcounty that would be fun


    That sounds pretty good especially for girls who wants to be a fashion designer.

  13. Lanorria Ashanti White

    Can i be in your group plz, cause when i grow up i wan to be a fashion person too.



  15. emma

    I think that this is awesome and i also think it would be really fun and i would love to do “glam for good”

  16. Sans

    I would like to join Glam4good Keith Kosinski

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