Just Spritz It

By 05.22.2014 blog

You’ve probably had someone overreact to the speed at which you’re able to text or IM. But what if they were overreacting to the speed at which you could read a book or homework assignment?

Researchers have long understood that people can actually read much faster if they focus on only one word at a time. But the practicality of publishing books with just one word on each page, and the time it takes to flip the actual page has largely stopped that from happening…until now.

A company called Spritz Technology has created a tool that flash one word at a time on a screen, allowing you to train your eyes to read faster – and get through more content in less time.

So is reading this quickly the next big thing? Vote in the poll to weigh in!


  1. Jade

    This product wouldn’t help anyone. Reading faster doesn’t help you with anything except getting the task (reading) done. It’s okay of people do not read as fast as others. They need the time to think about what they are reading too.

  2. lauren

    I think it would help a lot of people like me.

  3. Caitlyn

    I think so because it helps train your eyes and it could (but I doubt it) help your eye sight to get better

  4. Juthi

    This will help people read faster in their future and present!

  5. Gayathri-Sriram

    I think spritzing will help students read faster and get better each day.

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