Kai Sherwin: “I Truly Hope that President Trump Will Surprise Me”

By Kai Sherwin 11.14.2016 blog

Well, here we are. After months of tension and anxiety, America has finally chosen a president. While I cannot say that I’m pleased by the outcome of this election, I have to move forward. I want to focus on the future, for dwelling on the past is, in practical terms, unproductive. As Hillary Clinton mentioned during her concession speech, the American people have an obligation to give Donald Trump an opportunity. If nothing else, we owe him an open mind and a peaceful transition of power. I understand the fiery reactions of those who oppose Trump, but in my opinion, protesting will not solve anything. Instead, I believe that Americans must engage in the political process like never before. We must proactive instead of reactive.

Perhaps the most disappointing part of this whole process is the electoral college. The electoral college is widely considered to be an inhibitor of a true democracy. Without going too much in depth, the electoral college gives the presidency to the candidate with the most electoral votes. Hillary Clinton lost the election despite getting more votes by the American public. It’s reasonable that the electoral college should be changed or even abolished as it suppresses the true power of the people.

Honestly, I’m not optimistic about our country’s future. I’m not optimistic about our government’s stance on climate change, gun rights and immigration. I’m not optimistic about the future of our Supreme Court, and I’m certainly not optimistic about building a wall, even though it’s extremely unlikely to happen. However, despite all this, I truly hope that President Trump will surprise me – in a good way. We all must work towards a productive, happy and safe future for the United States.


  1. connor florea

    trump has good ideas and i think he should run this country.

  2. Cameron

    trump won fair clinton can try again in 4 years

  3. Jazzy#1 & Jazzy #2

    We disagree with Donald Trump’s ideas for our future and that they were not fully thought out. We hope that our congress, regardless of the majority being republicans can see that these plans are not smart ones and could negotiate with Donald Trump to make better plans. This election was a disappointing one, it was going to be a disappointment no matter who won because voter supported their candidate heavily. We agree that this will open up voters eyes, to make them realize that every vote counts and will consider voting next term.

  4. Caroline Ballentine

    I believe people should give Trump a chance. Hillary Clinton was not fit to govern this great nation. Donald Trump was the best choice in this election and i’m really happy the American people vote for Trump.

  5. Eve

    I don’t have any confidence in our new president and several people I know are terrified about what he’ll do. I’m willing to give him a chance though as are my friends,but we’ll never fully exept him as our president.

  6. clayton

    I think trump will do great and he’ll make America great again!!

    • Caroline Ballentine

      i agree! People keep criticizing Trump, but i truly believe that he will be an improvement. I also think he will do great things for this country. America will be brought back to its time of excellency under President Trump.

  7. Michael

    People need to stop protesting Trump as the election winner. If people protested all the election results, we would never have a true president, and our country would collapse.

  8. Sammie B

    I think Trump will make right decisions because tons of people voted for him and thought that he would make great decisions.

    • Caroline Ballentine

      I think people should stop protesting. Trump won the election fair and square. People need to except that Hillary Clinton lost and get over the fact that Trump won. Protesting is just going to bring violence over the land. No matter how much people protest they will not change the outcomes of the election.

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