Kai Sherwin: What I Think About Donald Trump

By Kai Sherwin 09.01.2016 blog

Once again, Donald Trump has disgraced himself by stooping to new lows. He’s begun attacking Hillary Clinton on basis of her supposed “bad” health. His campaign has worked furiously to create ridiculous health conspiracy theories, and has pointed to photos of Clinton being propped up by pillows as “evidence.” In my view, these questions of Clinton’s physical stamina and mental health are merely distractions.

Trump is trying to take the spotlight off of himself. A recent report by the New York Times revealed that Trump has only released a four- paragraph statement from his gastroenterologist last December, which contained “no details about his heart rate, respiratory rate, cholesterol level, past medications or family medical history.” Clinton, on the other hand, revealed a “significantly more detailed two-page letter from his physician in July 2015.” Instead of enacting a reasonable discussion over policy, Trump has cemented himself as an instigator and hypocrite. Clinton has shrugged these accusations off while continuing to conduct herself in a professional and presidential manner.

Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, have yet to release their tax returns, despite the statistic that 62 percent of Republicans want to see them. In the past, Trump has pledged to release the documents if he were to ever run for presidency. But so far, he has not lived up to his word. On the other side of the aisle, Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, have both released their returns. This bodes well for them because maintaining a high level of political transparency is crucial, especially in such a polarized presidential election.

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  1. JasmineMi.

    No Trump don`t understand freedom.From generation people came here for freedom.So let the Mexicos come!!!!!!!!

  2. Diante

    Kai Sherwin you have my Vote

  3. Julian

    Hey, Donald is rude look at the adult news on CNN
    maybe you”ll change your mind.

    • Labresha

      I think that we should not vote for trump

    • Faith

      No donald trump isn’t hillary is they are just atacking him they do it to everyone.

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