Kai Sherwin: The elephant in the room — global warming

By Kai Sherwin 09.15.2016 blog
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It’s astounding at how little attention the environment is getting from our nation’s presidential nominees. Clinton and Trump have spent many hours focusing on issues that are important, but none quite as pressing as global warming. It’s funny how global warming is — generally speaking — a bipartisan topic that should not meet much resistance whenever related bills are introduced in the legislative process. Basically everyone agrees that there actions should be taken to combat global warming … except for Trump and a few ultra left-wing conservatives.

Trump actually doesn’t believe that global warming exists, which is utterly ridiculous considering the vast amounts of scientific data and research that has been compiled about the worsening of our environment in the past few decades. I’m not sure whether he truly believes his ideas or whether he’s doing it as a political strategy, but either way, he simply cannot dismiss the entire notion of global warming if he ever gets elected. In fact, if he wins in November, one of his supporters suggested that Trump would rid the government of several environmental laws and regulations including: Obama’s Clean Power Plan (currently pending in courts) and a federal rule to protect wetlands and waterways.

Hillary isn’t doing a great job as well. She’s made her stance on global warming clear, but so far, she’s said very little. Her attention has been understandably devoted towards controversies such as her private email servers and her role as Secretary of State. According to experts, “climate change is a bigger threat to human life than terrorism”. It’s estimated that more than 600,000 people will die per year from environment-related causes by 2030. Thus, there’s absolutely no excuse for not keeping the conversation going about the importance of preventing global warming.


  1. keyvon johnson

    I think that Hillary cares more about the earth than trump because hillary has a plan to help the world.

  2. Dakota

    If i would have to pick between Hillary or Trump for our global warming problems i would have to pick Hillary. Because she has at least said what she will do about it when Donald has only said little to none about it

  3. Matthew

    People should stop using fossil fuels and use healthy energy sources like windmills and solar panels to stop the effects of global warming.

  4. Carlos

    I think that Hillary cares more about the earth than trump because hillary has a plan to help the world out in global warming but on the other hand trump doesn’t believe in global warming.

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