Kai Sherwin: The Importance of America’s Youth in Politics

By Kai Sherwin 10.26.2016 blog

I cannot overstate the importance of young people when regarding the democratic process. Far too often do we see statistics showing a startlingly low voter turnout for the youngest age group demographic — something that I believe stems directly from lack of education during schooling about their civic duty. The younger generations have to be repeatedly told that their opinions matter. While their votes might not count officially, America’s youth needs to engage in the political process as early as possible.

The beliefs we formulate now will most likely be the ones that we carry with us when we become adults; we have to be independent critical thinkers. Only by taking our right to vote seriously can my generation and all those who come after us have real influence over our country’s future.

In this upcoming election, the next president will have the power to nominate potentially three or maybe even four Supreme Court justices. This decision will have a direct effect on the younger generations, for, as you know, justices are appointed for life. It’s incredibly important that the American electorate chooses a president who will make the right decisions regarding Supreme Court nominations.

In addition, the next president’s actions will be most relevant to my generation as we graduate from college and high school and enter the workforce. If the next president were to raise the federal minimum wage to $15, a spike in unemployment rates could occur which would, in turn, lead to my peers and I having a more difficult time finding work.

I’ve heard many imply that their singular vote won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things, and I know that many others believe in this across the country. However, if everyone thought this way, we wouldn’t have an election, or even a democracy for that matter. Every vote counts.


  1. Parilliya

    I completely agree that the effects of not being properly education makes voting more catered towards the older generations. However, I think this is another case of people not wanting to discuss sensitive topics. The school can be held responsible for creating a bias towards a certain political belief, and that would lead to a lot of parental confrontation. The reality is indeed depressing and damages our ability to have an impact in politics.
    To be completely honest, I’m not sure that teaching a child would change their opinions anyway. I don’t see this brought up much, but most kids just believe what their parents tell them to believe, and educating them would not change their opinions. For example, I (an 11th grade student) have found it very difficult to see any opinion other than my mother’s, the one I was raised with. I have, however, been heavily educated this year in the political system.
    This does not mean that I am against teaching the future voters, I am just saying that the parents should be left with that responsibility or at least an opt-out form.

  2. Jazzy#1 & Jazzy #2

    They only problem with getting younger people engaged is they don’t see how it’s relevant to them. They don’t understand how this relates to them and their everyday life. Regarding politics they think with the notion that “It has nothing to do with me, so why should I care?” but, it has everything to do with them because the younger generation is our future. Not every young person think this way, but a majority of it does.

  3. terry;)

    i love trump

  4. Braden Wiley


  5. Braden Wiley

    None of the presidents are not evil
    The libertarians would be better for president

  6. Melizza

    I don’t know why we have to chose between two people that all they do is fight/argue about their suggestions? Can’t wait til this is over! Although Hilary will allow lots of criminals but Donald will also destroy lots of families out here. Oh well …

  7. Rio

    Hillary Clinton is so crooked that most of the people in the senate are paying her to win!”

  8. MaryCatherine chism

    I loveHillary so much

  9. MaryCatherine chism

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is the best person in the world she and today I think people who don’t know who she is

  10. Yigermal Bekele

    I think, either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton, has to provide shelter for veterans as soon as he/she got elected.

  11. Tavyn pree

    Dang it I wish Donald Trump would have won.

  12. Bryan

    Ay go for hillary Clinton

    • MaryCatherine chism

      You are so true

  13. Haley timmons


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