Kai Sherwin: The “Single Most Important Factor” for Who Gets Elected President

By Kai Sherwin 09.07.2016 blog

Believe it or not, I get almost all my information about the presidential election from Facebook. Instead of using it for social media, I’ve carefully amassed a diverse list of news channels that I now religiously follow: The Onion, The New York Times, CNN, my local news channels, etc. I read headlines and if the article sounds interesting, I’ll click on it.

It’s impossible to objectively cover the election season, but I honestly think the press could be doing a much better job. Both Clinton and Trump have been viciously attacked by the media. Some of Trump’s quotes have been unfairly blown out of proportion, while Clinton has been plagued by conspiracy theories about Benghazi and her email server.

In my opinion, the media’s coverage of the election is the single most important factor as to who gets elected in November. News organizations are arbiters of knowledge; they control what the public sees and how they see it. Without these organizations providing information about the candidates, people would be voting based only off party allegiance.

The mass majority of voters derive their information from news sources who fail to remain bias. Whether it in the header of the article or in the statistics used, subtle but persuasive opinions can be found all across the media. For example, a conservative news network might not publish an article on Trump’s failed business ventures, while a liberal news network would publish an entire series on the subject. These choices could swing a voter in either direction.

I buffer the effects of the biased media by trying to listen to everyone. Following only conservative or only liberal news channels is not the smart way to go, even if you already know who you’re voting for. We have to keep our minds open and we have to recognize all perspectives – not just the ones we agree with.


  1. nicholas

    I vote for trump

  2. Jacob Payne

    In my opinion, Donald Trump is intellectually a horrible idea. America may be 100 trillion dollars in debt but still rather the devil you know than the devil you don’t or you could even vote for a third party candidate. The thing is honestly I’m Republican, not Democratic but still how HOW could anyone think this is a good idea I just don’t understand what some people are thinking.

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