Keith Kocinski Interviews Drive Pulse Co-founder

By Keith Kocinski 04.03.2014 blog

I spoke with Giancarlo Daniele, Co-founder of Drive Pulse, about what it took to become a successful young entrepreneur. Here is a little more from our interview. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips useful when starting your own business!

Keith: Where are you from and can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Giancarlo: I am from Chicago, the northwest side of the city and I went to High School at one of the Chicago Public Magnet schools. I guess from high school I was very interested in entrepreneurship and I kind of started junior or senior year of high school. I got involved in entrepreneurship clubs and I knew that I really loved technology and I liked coming up with ideas and building things so from that age it kind of has been my goal to work on entrepreneurial products.

Keith: What were some of your first projects?

Giancarlo: I worked on a way to alleviate water crisis. I built a website where anyone could design any sort of mug or t-shirt  and the proceeds would go to some country that faced a water shortage.

Keith: What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur that is in high school these days on how to start from the ground up.

Giancarlo: I got a lot of utility from talking to different instructors at my high school so mentorship it was really big for me. My advice would be to find one of your instructors and talk to him or her about your ideas. They can help you focus on what your goals are and they definitely can help bring perspective to your idea and motivate you to use your resources at your disposal to start off.


  1. Tiani-Tuitama

    i think this is a bad idea because kids need a little bit of time away from home and doing their own thing i think parents who buy this are very controlling of their kids….VOTED NO

  2. fish filet

    do you really want your parents stalking you i’d rather drive without the drive pulse

  3. Linda

    I saw the channel one news this morning, and was highly interested in the “Drive Pulse”. I’m interested in the cost and the purchase location. Thank you. Linda

    • Tiani-Tuitama

      I think this is a bad idea because teens need a little time away from parents and doing their own thing and plus i wouldn’t want my parents stalking me while i’m driving i think parents who buy this are too controlling of their kids…VOTED NO

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