King of the Sea

By ch1c0nta@ctus 04.14.2011 blog

By Ariel Nicastro

Being at the beach is fun, but flying across the water is even cooler — and we’re not talking about jet skis here. Ever heard of the AquaSkipper? It’s sort of an on-top-of-the-water bike — by hopping up and down on it, you can speed across the ocean in style. A fun way to exercise, it also comes apart so it’s easy to move from place to place.

Another feature? It’s so lightweight you can end up moving as fast as 17 mph. With your feet on the platform and your hands on the handles, just hop your way around the H2O.

We want to know what you think. Is this new water toy fun in the sun, or is it too much of workout on the water to really be fun? Vote now!


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