Learning to Swim at Girl Scout Camp

By Arielle Hixson 08.09.2015 blog

One of my favorite memories of my middle school summers was going to Girl Scout Camp! I went to Jockey Hollow, which is located in the deep woods of Northern New Jersey. My best friends from school and I would all sign up for the same four weeks and would learn a variety of fun outdoor activities.

From hiking through the woods, to having camp fires and roasting marshmallows, to differentiating spiders from slugs…I had a blast!

One of the main skills I learned was swimming. While attending Jockey Hollow, each girl had to wear swim caps with colors that indicated your swim level. The colors were in this order (from least experienced to most experienced) red, yellow, green, white…and the legendary blue. I started off in 6th grade as a yellow cap (which basically meant I knew how to doggie paddle really well) and by 8th grade I was a blue cap. I was so proud the summer I got to the highest level of swimming! The blue cap meant I had mastered all swimming styles, like freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke and the very difficult butterfly stroke.

Today I LOVE swimming, whenever I go to the beach with my family I have to go all the way in and practice my favorite swim styles (freestyle and breaststroke). Every time I go in the water, I can’t help but smile and think about how my days at Girl Scout camp prepared me to become an exceptional swimmer today.

Looking back, I think summer camp was such a treasured experience. I bonded with friends I still have today and was also able to continuously challenge myself, mastering the “outdoor classroom” and feeling invincible in the summer heat! Now that I think about it, I kind of wish there was a summer camp for young adults…guess I have to take advantage of these last few weekends of summer and go on a camping trip!


  1. breanna

    I think girls should be able to learn how to swim in girl scouts . I could also help parent teach their kids how to swim. Kids can also do something they probably like.

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