Lights Out!

By ch1c0nta@ctus 04.30.2011 blog

By Karen Knapstein

One of the best parts about the green movement is that there are so many simple, little things that, when everyone does them, have the potential to make a big impact.

We’ve just heard about something that seems to be along those lines — a website called It’s essentially google, but with a black background, which uses less energy than a bright, white one. Plus, if you ask us, it’s also easier on the eyes. The creators ask users to set the page as your homepage, so that the next time you just have to know where the latest “Twilight” movie is still playing (it must be still playing somewhere, right?), or when you just need to do a little research to finish your homework, you’re also saving electricity used to power your computer. It might, however, be a slightly tricky habit to get into, especially if you’re using a computer at school or a library.

But still — if you could have all of the search with less energy, would you make the switch? Vote now!

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