Lovetta Conto

By Gary Hamilton 12.05.2011 blog

Lovetta Conto, who we profiled on today’s show, is one of the greatest young women I’ve ever met.

When I interviewed her, I could literally feel how huge her heart was — and that’s a huge task from someone who’s had such a tragic life. To give you a quick update to her story, Lovetta always assumed her mother was dead. But in 2009, they met for the first time when relatives of her mom informed her dad that she was still alive. As of now, they’ve only met once.

As for the jewelry she creates, celebrities aren’t the only ones wearing it. People from all of the world have bought the “Akawelle” necklaces. The jewelry is priced between $90-$130 and can be purchased on her website¬†here. All of the profit goes toward The Strongheart Fellowship. You can learn more about Lovetta and Strongheart here.

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