Magical Musical Machines

By ch1c0nta@ctus 04.26.2012 blog

You might have heard about a special guest appearance at the Coachella Music Festival earlier this month, a 2D hologram of the late hip hop icon Tupac Shakur. You also may be a fan of J-Pop, some of which uses a vocal synthesizing program to perform Vocaloid. Its most famous performer is Hatsune Miku. The 16-year-old virtual singer played four shows in Tokyo without missing a beat — or a note — earlier this year.

While the futuristic concept might sounds a little strange, it’s actually pretty entertaining, which is sort of the point of a concert. We want to know what you think — would you go to a concert by a performer who isn’t really there?
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  1. Kawaii Hime

    ☺☻♥ (T.T)

  2. Kawaii Hime


  3. Kawaii Hime

    ^_^ ANIME
    World is mine!!!

  4. Isabella

    That is awesome

  5. maddie

    i love anime and vocaloid I would so go to a consert

  6. Ethan

    My friend is a Hatsune Miku fan,and I think that with this software,ANYONE can do a cover of Still Alive in SECONDS!

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