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By 06.19.2013 blog

There’s no time like the present to get involved — and to that end — here’s a list of some of our fave places to do it.

Do Something

This one is easy — and fun! Discourage your friends and family from texting behind the wheel with thumb socks, a fun reminder that whatever your phone wants you to do, you’re in charge. Bonus: You can enter to win a $5k scholarship!

Threads for Teens

We told you some of these would be inspired by features on the show! Today, you heard about this org that provides clothes for teens in foster care. There are lots of ways to get involved here, and it starts with donating your prom dress — you know you want to!

She’s the First

Want to send a girl to school who might otherwise not be able to? All you’ve got to do is bake — or get involved with their new running initiative “Run the World”— to make it happen.

Globe Changers

We like this one because each student with a project is assigned a mentor who can help you stay the course when you get stuck. All you need is an idea — and their step by step project plan for making it happen.

Teen Life

This isn’t a specific project, but a list of projects (a little like this one, but longer!) that you might be into. Click over to see if something is for you.

Better Together

Have a question about another religion? Want to answer a question about your own? The Better Together program facilitates those discussions with a mind to make the world a better place. All you’ve got to do here is get involved.

Penny Harvest

Collect your spare change with your classmates, put it all together and thenpick a group worthy of a grant from your class. A simple — and smart — way to give back.

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