Maker Faire

By Scott Evans 09.23.2014 blog

My first time at the Maker Faire was pretty intense. Here are two of the coolest things I saw:

1. Check out the pic above! It’s an electric giraffe. I love animals and I love music. Robots kinda freak me out, but if they play music, I’m down. This one combines all three! Say what?

2.┬áThis soda show. You’ve seen what happens when you drop a Mentos into a fizzy cola, right? Well, what happens when there are dozens of bottles of Coke? The same thing … but cooler check it out:

For more on Maker Faire click here!


  1. puppylover622

    I think maker fair is an awesome idea because kids and adults can show off what they have made:)

  2. asia

    i would love to go to a Maker Fair because it look’s fun


  3. Raul

    it is good

  4. kylie-

    that is really cool

  5. gdfkghfffff

    love it

  6. Nessa Jo

    That looks awesome, next time you go, TAKE ME!

    • woohoo236

      I’ve been to a Maker Faire before, and it was the most awesome mix between engineering and fun! I loved it so much , I never wanted to leave!

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