Maxwell’s 5 Tips for an Awesome Study Space

By Maggie Rulli 05.06.2013 blog

Before Maxwell Ryan founded, he worked as a school teacher. He found that his students who had great study spaces did better in school and get this – they had an easier time doing it.

It’s that last part that got me – make your study space awesome and you’ll have an easier time getting A’s?! I’m sold.

So there you have it – Maxwell’s 5 tips for an awesome study space!

1.  Make sure it’s YOU! One of Maxwell’s number one rules is to make sure your study space reflects who you are – after all, you’re the one who is going to be sitting in it for hours! So that’s a big yes to pictures, posters, messages, and in Naomi’s case: flags. Nothing is off-limits – as long as it represents who you are. But (you knew a but was coming!) make sure everything is arranged on the wall in an organized way (don’t be afraid to break out the ruler to make sure everything is straight and spaced equally). And when it comes to hanging larger items like Naomi’s flags, Maxwell says to hang everything at “gallery height” – that’s 57 inches from the middle of the piece to the floor.

Need help figuring out what study space style works best for you? Try our study style quiz!

2.  Keep it clean! I know, I’m sorry. The last thing you need is one more person telling you to keep your room clean. So I will keep this point brief: keep it clean.

At least Maxwell has a tip to help make cleaning as easy as possible: arrange all the furniture in your room so that you can easily vacuum and dust around everything. Because let’s be real – the last thing we need when cleaning is for it be harder than it needs to be.

3.  It’s all about the desk. Maxwell reminds us that as a student, homework is the basis of your professional life, and the desk is the basis of homework. So yeah, the desk is kinda a big deal. Here are some desk tips from Maxwell:

      • Make the desk the focal point of the room by giving it the biggest wall space possible.
      • At your desk, you need just enough storage space for what you’re working on every day.
      • Make sure your space is well lit.

4.  Care about the chair. Think about this – all the time you’re studying, your chair is supporting you. And come finals time, that chair might have to support you for quite a few hours. So Maxwell says it’s important to invest in a comfortable chair. You’ll work better and your body will say thank you.

5.  Spruce things up with bedding. O.K. so the bed isn’t technically part of your study space. But as Maxwell reminds us – sleeping well at night affects how well you study. Make sure your bed is comfortable and a great place to recharge after a long day of studying. And an extra bonus? Maxwell says bedding can be an area to add some fun to the room – so grab a crazy color and go wild!

Bonus Tip: How to share a space. All those who share a study space – Maxwell has got you covered with this bonus tip. He says having your own personal space is important, so make sure each person has a desk that faces a different wall. That way, even if the rest of the room is shared, each person can personalize their desk and wall. And here’s an extra perk – Maxwell says shared spaces can actually be helpful – two people with four arms can work to maintain a clean space.

So what do you think – any study tips we missed? Let us know!

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