Meet Team OneVote: Connor Pfeiffer

By Connor Pfeiffer 09.16.2012 blog

My name is Connor Pfeiffer and I’m a junior at Alamo Heights HS in San Antonio, TX, founder and State Chairman of High School Republicans of Texas, an auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas composed of high school Republican clubs across the state, an Eagle Scout and a member of Team OneVote.
In this pivotal 2012 Presidential Election America will face a fundamental choice between two very different visions for the future of our nation. Do we want four more years of failed promises that have left our economy in a perpetual state of joblessness in a failed recovery? Do we want four more years of failed leadership and policies that have put us on the path to fiscal insolvency? And can we really say that we are better off than we were four years ago with $5 trillion in new debt for my generation, a weakened position in the world with unrest in the Middle East and unemployment still above 8%? America?s answer to all these questions in November, I firmly believe, will be no.

We need new leadership. America needs to elect Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan to right the ship and get America back on its feet. Gov. Romney?s experience in the private sector, running and saving the 2002 Olympic Games and as Governor of Massachusetts together with Congressman Ryan?s history of getting things done in Congress and willingness to put forth fresh ideas to address our nation?s pressing issues is exactly the combination America needs to get the engines of job growth running again in America to reduce unemployment and create 12 million new jobs over the next four years while also strengthening our position abroad through real leadership and not leading from behind.
America needs Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and that is why I support the Republican ticket for President.

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