Meet Team OneVote: Kailyn Allen

By Kailyn Allen 09.16.2012 blog

My name is Kailyn Allen and I am a Senior at PK Yonge High School. I am Senior Class President, President of Speech and Debate Club, Chairwoman of the Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans and the Alachua County Teenage Republicans, and Treasurer of Key Club.

I am a Republican because I strongly believe in the key fundamental ideals of the Republican Party and that I believe our country was founded on: personal liberty, personal responsibility, personal initiative, limited government, and lower taxes. I believe that success should be celebrated and encouraged, not stigmatized. For this reason, I believe that President Obama’s stigmatization of our country’s upper class — in campaign ads, he frequently reiterates that he wants the wealthy to pay their “fair share” when the top 10% already pays 70% of income taxes in America — as well as recent movements such as Occupy Wall Street are some of the biggest threats to the strength of our economy and nation. What’s more, unsustainable spending and a rise in entitlement programs such as welfare and food stamps are not only hurting our economy, but also creating a culture of dependency and are fundamentally against America’s core values.

We need to encourage innovation, success, and hard work. A handout is not an initiative to achieve your potential. Additionally, the Obama administration is purposefully focusing on social issues that are not as important to our country right now as the economy is. For example, women need jobs right now more than they need taxpayer-funded birth control. I support Mitt Romney because he has a plan to get our country back on track and a proven record that highlights his ability to do so. While serving as Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney eliminated a $3 billion deficit without raising taxes or borrowing money and left it with a $2 billion surplus. Mitt Romney has turned around previously failing businesses such as Staples and Sports Authority.

Additionally, when the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics was on the verge of a financial disaster, Mitt Romney came in as CEO and turned it around. Mitt Romney is a financial genius with the private-sector experience we need to get our country back on track.

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