Meeting Mia

By ch1c0nta@ctus 03.26.2012 blog

You may have seen our recent Glory Road interview with Mia Hamm. I have to say talking with her was pretty awesome. She’s done everything from writing books, to setting records in soccer that no woman or man has surpassed. She’s also the mom of twins girls and a new baby boy who still finds time to speak to groups of young people about pursuing their dreams.

Meeting her was a little like sitting in a room with your big sis because she’s one of the most down- to-earth people I’ve met — and is arguably one of the most successful too.

We met at the HerWorld event in partnership with DeVry University in New York City. Three hundred girls, all there as leaders from their respective schools and neighborhoods, came to listen to inspirational stories from women killing it in their fields. And in walked this woman, unassuming in Nike athletic gear and completely eager to get her chance to speak to them.
When she approached the stage, you would have thought Nikki Minaj had walked in the room. I even looked around to see if anybody was encouraging the girls to respond, but there wasn’t.
These girls went crazy; excited that someone was willing to come lend their advice in order to help them succeed. And Mia didn’t skip a beat — she got right to it.
She spent the better part of an hour talking back and forth with these young women with stories about her family, about adversity and how to look it in the face and overcome. She talked about the importance of passion and diligence and about identifying what you want and then going for it. It was awesome to see the audience respond. A lot of the girls had just been born at the height if Mia’s popularity, but it didn’t matter because what she was saying now was important. “follow your dreams…don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. And once you start going after it, go until you get it. It’s not always gonna be easy, but it’s always gonna be worth the investment, if you’re investing in yourself.”
I think we could all benefit from thinking that way!

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