Millennials “Turned Off” By Health Care Glitches

By Shelby Holliday 10.22.2013 blog

President Obama addressed glitches at the White House today, so we went out and talked to young people about their experience enrolling online.

First of all, I need to preface this by saying that most young adults we approached still have no clue what the government exchanges are all about. But the few who DO seem very discouraged by the technical errors.

One 27-year-old told us that when he couldn’t log in, he waited on hold for almost an hour trying to get help over the phone. Then when the help desk solved his account issues, he encountered so many website errors trying to find an insurance plan that he gave up after another hour. (Does he plan on going back anytime soon? Absolutely not.)

Another young woman told us that she is just waiting it out — she has heard about all of the errors and doesn’t feel like wasting her time right now. Maybe she’ll enroll when things have “gotten organized” and the glitches are gone, but she doesn’t know when that will be.

There are other young Americans who are more determined — I know a coworker who made at least six attempts to sign her parents up and finally found success. But here’s the biggest dilemma of all: young people seem increasingly “turned off” by, and many are not optimistic about giving it a second chance.

That’s an issue because the government needs 2.7 million young people to sign up for exchanges by the end of March– and according to the young people I spoke to today, we could have a “Millennial Mess” on our hands.

Check out the video below for more take on the health exchange.


  1. Macaya Himes

    i think they should start over ,make a new web site ,maybe once people see its a new and hopefully improved website they’ll want to give it a chance .

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