Monday, Monday

By Jessica Kumari 04.23.2012 blog

What is it about Monday mornings that make them so hard? Is it because the weekend seems so far away? In NYC, the people on my commute seem ruder, busier and more anxious. What’s especially difficult for me is the transition from waking up at 10am on the weekends to 4:30am.  And on this particular Monday, the rain and 20-degree drop in temperature didn’t help either.

I brought my sneakers and running clothes with me but was 100 percent sure I was going to skip my midday run. But by 11am my eyes were already drooping and my brain seemed just like the weather outside – foggy.  I had a script due in a couple of hours and figured there was no way I could make my deadline. I decided to change into workout clothes and go out for a quick walk to wake up. As soon as I got outside, I knew that walk would have to be a jog because it was just too cold.

30 minutes later I felt like a new person, more awake and ready to tackle my script.  Could it be that exercise leads to a better brain just like this New York Times article says?

That probably has something to do with it. But I think the sliver of sun that came out during my jog was what really helped me. I work in a newsroom with no windows. Going outside even just for five minutes brightens my mood immediately. The benefits of getting Vitamin D from the sun have been well documented.

I’m not saying that people should lay out for hours without sunscreen, but I do think if you’re feeling a little down, a 15-minute-walk can do wonders for your mood — and make you less likely to reach for candy, soda or coffee for the same boost. Heck, it had me writing this little blog post AND finishing my script. Done.

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