More than the Minimum

By 09.04.2014 blog

For the past year, minimum-wage workers around the world have been staging protests to bring attention to their plight. The money they make is often simply not enough to support themselves, let alone a family. And the workers are right, according to many government economic figures. And while workers have minimum wages jobs for different reasons at different times of life, because of the economy more workers who actually have families to support are taking those jobs.

But some argue paying workers who do basic labor would mean fewer jobs for everyone, and higher prices at the places that do have jobs — including clothing stores and fast food restaurants.

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  1. Janie_DeleonLara

    My parents work in the orchards my mom gets paid $9.30 the hour while my dad gets paid $9.50 the hour.I think they should be raised at least 3 dollars for the’yre work,after all how do the stores get fruit? My parents have to work for 9 hours non-stop to support our family.I honestly think they should be raised at least 3 dollars.

  2. Cassidy Burnside

    The minimum wage should become higher because people have families to support and children to take care of.

  3. Tom

    So… some of you are saying that maintaining low prices (for things like junk food and cheap toys) is more important than giving workers a fair wage to support their families? Really?

  4. Makayla

    Raising the Minimum Wadge will soon lead to less jobs for those who fought for the $15 per hour. Shortly after that, there will be another protest saying that the government does not have enough jobs.

  5. moremoney2

    Minimum wage is just that, an entry level wage mostly paid to unskilled or first time workers. Most business’s have the opportunity for anyone to get paid more, once they have proven themselves. #1) Show up on time, all the time. (Good personal grooming also helps) #2) Learn the job assigned with training, and become good at it. (Quality, service, accuracy, efficiency) #3) Understand safety aspects of your job and how cleanliness and good housekeeping relate to staying safe. #4) Understand how teamwork works (internal/external customer) and what your role is, and then do it. #5) Understand that private business’s exist to make a profit in order to stay open. You can raise your wage from the minimum by your attitude and performance. If you don’t fit in, then get out and do something else.

  6. Foxy Roxy

    I do think the minimum wage should be higher. Obviously the reason people need a job is because they need money for bills, clothes, essentials, and a nice home. Teens also need that money for college, and again, clothes and essentials. If you do the math on the calculator for 10,000 dollars times seven dollars, you get 70,000. Do it again, only this time you times it by 15 instead of 7, you get 150,000 dollars. Isn’t that a big difference?

    Emma, 11, Big Stone Gap, VA

  7. Alex L.

    The minimum wage should not change. If the minimum wage increases, food prices will raise drastically and thousands of workers will lose their jobs. The whole reason minimum wage exists is to prevent employers from paying their employees less. They should be grateful for what they get! A person should not get $15.00 an hour for simply flipping burgers or taking orders. If they want more money in their paycheck so bad, they need to get an education and a better job!

  8. Kallie

    These people might have families! Families they need to feed and take care of, children they may have! I agree with the strike, RAISE MINIMUM PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lydian

    It’s crazy to think that people would ask for a higher minimum raise. There’s a reason the wage for McDonalds employees is the way it is. It takes no skill or high education to work there. Plus, more than doubling the wage for workers ALSO more than doubles the price of food. Nobody will want to buy expensive thawed out hamburgers. McDonalds will go corrupt.

  10. Elijah Elliott

    I think the minimum wage should be higher because people that dont have homes could get a job at a fast food resurant and would get a good amount of money to have a home. Also, I think the fast food industry should raise the salary from 7.25$ to 10.00$ an hour.

  11. brittany

    if you want more work harder

  12. Faith

    I’m faith. I’m from Easley, South Carolina. I’m twelve years old. I don’t think they should raise the minimum wage because of a couple reasons
    1-they choose that job. If they don’t like the pay they should’ve chosen a different job.
    2-they should’ve done a better job in school and go to college so he/she could get a better paying job to support their family.
    3-there are over a million different jobs. GO GET A NEW BETTER PAYING JOB.
    4-last but not least they should deserve the raise. Work harder and you might get $10.00/hour. Thats why

  13. Kim K

    i think adult minium wage should be higher but not kids

  14. Alina

    they work at a fast food restaurant mostly because there still high school ad what they earn is good for high schoolers . & other people that are not in high school asking for higher wages should just get a better job.

  15. Laura Harms

    i think the wadges shoud be higher

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