My Motown Playlist

By Scott Evans 02.26.2014 blog

On today’s show, I told you what music and the Civil Right movement has in common – and it has a lot to do with Motown, an African-American owned record label that inspired much of today’s R&B hits.

But what about the songs? You heard some of them in today’s show, but if you’re looking for a Motown playlist, look no further. Happy listening!

“My Girl” by The Temptations

“ABC” by The Jackson 5

“I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5

“Baby Love” by The Supremes

“Stop! In the Name of Love” by The Supremes

“Cruisin’” by Smokey Robinson


  1. Xblaster976

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  2. fulton-mraz

    that all good songs

  3. John-Lennon

    These are, and always will be, some amazing tunes. I’d rather kick back to TheTemptations over One Direction anyday!

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