60 Seconds to Cake

By 09.18.2014 blog

If you’ve ever had a cake craving, with no special occasion in sight, this idea for the next big thing might be for you.

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Spray Cake is an idea it’s inventors say they were shocked no one had ever had before. And though that might not be exactly true (someone has certainly thought of it), these Harvard students are the first to have taken the time to turn it into a product. What is it? It’s a can of cake — much like a can of whipped cream — that you can spray into a pan and bake up in a matter of minutes.

And if cake in a can sounds a little less than…healthy, the creators made sure it contains organic ingredients and say that it’s actually healthier than what you typically find in a boxed cake mix.

So what do you think? Is cake in a spray can the NBT? You voted and here are the results of the poll:



  1. mah kitty face

    This ts awesome!

    • tommie ellis


    • tommie ellis

      hello and yes

  2. mah kitty face

    This is so the next big thing! If I was a teacher I would give it a A+!

  3. Mikayla :)

    I think that having this will give others some confidence to bake something if they have never baked before. Me I love to bake so I could make cookies for my Vision students at church. 🙂 Yum 😉

  4. emmakitty

    Bake that!:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

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