Bike Washing Machine

By Abbey Tiderman 04.22.2016 blog

In our multi-tasking way of life, we’ll embrace anything that can accomplish several things at once, right? There’s the beloved Swiss Army Knife. The Spork. And now in the works, a bike washing machine, conceptualized by students at Dalian Nationalities University in China.

The idea is an energy-saving stationary exercise bike that generates enough power to simultaneously wash your clothes during a 45-minute workout. Pedaling rotates the “wheel,” which doubles as a washing machine drum, and any extra energy generated can be stored as electricity for later use or to power a display.

The details of what it takes to fill and drain the wash water are still not yet ironed out, and it’s unclear at this point whether or not this particular bike washing machine will make it to market. But when and if it does, will you be along for the ride? Are you ready to sweat for your fresh clean clothes?


  1. Katelyn L

    If you don’t like wasting time washing clothes and your not pedaling fast enough what are you going to do

  2. Ruby Porter

    No. Even though I’d like to save energy saving money, it would be a hassel to keep pedaling, because your shirt gets filled with sweat when you pedal for so long. This would resault in more loads of laundry causing less energy for the person who pedals.☹️

  3. gary

    I think the bike washing machine is the next big thing because it gives you plenty of excercise and you get your londry down.

  4. Haley Hill (mms)

    yes! pedal on 🙂

  5. Cole

    Yes. You get your exercise and clean clothes. Now someone needs to make the refill itself Pepsi bottle.

  6. Tamaria

    Yes! Its a way you can multi task you can exercise while doing your laundry we all love to ride bikes but hate to do laundry so let’s enjoy

  7. Nathaniel Seabolt

    No, because after a long day at school, I wouldn’t like to ride a bike to get my clothes clean. I would like to relax and let the washer do the washing.

  8. christopher driggers

    not the next big thing that is one of the weirdest ideas i think people would agree that a bike and a washing machine don’t mix well.

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