Cat Cafés

By Abbey Tiderman 02.12.2016 blog

Cats are the 21 Century’s undisputed kings–and queens– of the internet. There’s Grumpy Cat, of course, who has starred in her fair share of memes. Then there are those hilarious cat versus cucumber video mashups. And well, all the kittens. So why shouldn’t our feline friends be featured in their own real life cat cafés that animal lovers line up for?

“Cat cafés started in Asia in the 90s due to small apartment sizes and landlords that didn’t allow pets in residences. [They] allowed people to interact with cats in a home-like setting without the long term responsibilities,” says Meow Parlor, the groundbreaking first cat cafe in New York City. They charge $5 per half hour for adults and children 11 and over, and have limited designated hours for younger children, which costs $14 for one child under 11 plus one chaperone per hour. While cat cafés essentially take a rent-a-cat approach, many also offer adoption of the cats its patrons connect with.

What’s not to love about kicking back, relaxing, and petting and playing with new furry friends? After all, studies have shown animal interactions have a positive impact on the happiness of humans.

But here’s the catch. You can enjoy your coffee, baked goods and Wi-Fi with the kitties, but due to health codes, snacks need to be prepared and purchased in a separate space or even venue altogether. Then they may be brought into a cat café by patrons’ choice. Whether you’re team canine or team feline, tell us, is it worth it?


  1. Felicity

    I love it as a next big thing, except what if your allergic? And if you aren’t, the cats carry around diseases and when the cooks cook, their diseases might get in your food.My opinion is

  2. Gabrielle Nicholas

    yes i think it is but i am allergic to cats

  3. Madison Merk

    I love this because, well I love cats! Mrs.Ives 5th period class in Union, KY are all for it!

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