Boutique Fitness Studios

By Abbey Tiderman 11.20.2015 blog

Remember when getting fit used to mean slogging away on a weight bench in the corner of your dingy basement, or feeling intimidated at the local gym? Those days are history. A class fitness craze is sweeping the nation and we’re not talking 80s aerobics designed for women sporting spandex and big hair. Men and women alike are flocking to boutique fitness centers across the country to experience instructor-led, high-intensity workouts in an inclusive yet competitive class setting, despite costs between $20 to $34 per class.

Music, machines, digital metrics and virtual reality are the name of the game for many of these boutique fitness studios, which have doubled in the past year and now account for 42 percent of the U.S. health club market. In Rise Nation’s case, the Versa Climber machine offers a vertical full body workout in just 30 minutes, something that draws in the likes of Matt Damon, Hillary Duff, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel and other celebrities.

Along for the ride in this fitness trend is Flywheel, a results-oriented indoor cycling center. “We not only provide our riders with the opportunity to be empowered and inspired, but we give them the chance to feel and measure the physical results of our efficient, effective and fun workout,” said cofounder, instructor and creative director Ruth Zukerman in a 2014 press release.

CityRow is another up-and-coming boutique fitness studio and some even consider it the “new spinning.” The workouts utilize water-based rowing machines to give participants a comprehensive cardio and strength training experience with varying levels of duration and intensity.

So what do you think? Are boutique fitness studios the next big thing? Vote and share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Elizabeth shepler

    Yes because you can get fit and have fun at the same time and not even know it.

  2. Gabby

    i love the ideia so fun looks fun

  3. kassandra

    I think there is a lot of boutique fitness studio and I’m not going to pay the amount it cost when you could go to the gym at your town.

  4. Torian Gordon

    Yes because it’s a very unique way to exercise and meet new people plus you get to compete with friends and have fun.

  5. rachel pederson

    you can go to a gym and do the same thing, with an even smaller price.

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