Crime-Stopping Pants

By Tonka Dobreva 03.13.2015 blog

Pants — good for warming you up, holding your wallet and keeping you stylish. But what if your pants could also protect you from identity theft?

Thanks to new technology, thieves can steal your credit card information just by standing next to you. Many credit cards these days come with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) computer chip that makes it easier to pay for things at stores. But that same chip is what makes it easy for thieves to get your information.

Unless you carry a RFID blocker, thieves can get all the information they need, right through your pants, and make purchases on your card. But thanks to the new READY Jeans, there’s no need to buy a blocker. Just put on your pants in the morning, and you’re protected.

The pockets of the pants are lined with a special RFID-blocking fabric, which stops RFID scans from getting through. Betabrand, the makers of the pants, partnered with computer security firm Norton to make sure that your information is as safe as possible when you’re walking in the mall or down the street. An estimated 70 percent of all credit cards are able to be scanned, which makes the need for these crime-fighting pants all the more real.

So what do you think? Could crime-stopping pants be the next big thing? Vote and let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Angel Garcia

    Sure, let’s use it! Just make some more styles.

  2. yoshi

    IT IS NOT THE “NEXT BIG THING”!!!!!!!Crooks will buy them.Only cops should use them.

    • Ryguy22

      How will it benefit the thieves?

  3. yoshi

    These pants are NOT the next big thing.Once criminals here about it ,they will buy some and steal a lot more things.It should only be used with cops.Then it will be easier to stop crooks.Now THAT is what will make it the next big thing.

  4. Taylor Harris

    Yes this is the next big thing. This is a great idea!

  5. xXJasonBakonXx

    Nice pants, maybe when I get a credit/debit card I will buy these.

  6. Chloe

    I totally agree with this Next Big Thing! I believe that it can help make our world a better place and show criminals that they cant out smart us any longer! NBT! NBT! NBT! ~ Chloe

  7. dt28906

    Yes, the pants will stop some stealing in the world and are very cool.


    #This is not the next big thing it is pointless

  9. jake madsen

    yes i do think they will be the next big thing because nobody can take money now i think that is a great idea and can you say something on channel one news about lakeview middle school please

    • dt28906

      Yes, I think the pants are the next thing because no one can take people’s personal items including their phone and their wallet.

  10. lhoekstra33

    I say yes because with pants like that it would be super hard to have your identity stolen. An lower identity theft rates tons. I think the pants would sell more if they teamed up with Miss Me Jeans , Under Armor and BKE jeans. An it should be more than jeans too like sweatshirts and sweat pants. But that’s just my opinion.

    • berry_cute

      I completely agree with this! If they teamed up with more popular brands, and increased the variety of clothing they make, I think the sales of these could go off the charts! In some way I think this could also really help the crime rate go down a little bit, as well! Protection in style!

  11. akes

    Yes, we feel it will help lower the rates of identity theft while still keeping you stylish!
    -Mrs. Ake’s 6th Grade Class at Oaklyn

    • jake madsen

      yes i do think it will be the next big thing and can you say something about lakeview middle school on channel one news please

  12. viviweaver

    I think it is a total waste of money. They could rip and you can’t get your money back. Think before you get them.

  13. connor sweeney

    these pants could save your life. if they were able to take your identity they would ruin your life by spending all of your money… my family learned the hard way. we got our identity stolen once.

  14. Angelo81

    Yes, I think these pants can really help our future when it comes to identity theft. It is one of the biggest crimes these days and it can really help us out.

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