Digital Sneakers

By Abbey Tiderman 04.01.2016 blog

Remember back in the day when light-up shoes were all the rage? Well there’s a new sneaker in town that’s taking footwear to the next level. Self-expression is the name of the game with ShiftWear, a shoe that you get to design weekly, daily, hourly—anytime!—with the touch of your smart phone.

You simply power up your shoes, download the free app, create designs, and in the instant you select one it’s right there on the shoes’ HD, flexible displays. You can even upload and sport your favorite photos on ShiftWear sneakers!

They are available for pre-order starting at $174.50 for low tops, $199.50 for medium and $249.50 for high tops. The base design is black and white but you can choose from five accent colors—blue, green, red, black and yellow.

And get this. ShiftWear shoes are 100% machine washable, waterproof and they charge while you walk! Would you wear ’em?


  1. Jacinda Cunningham

    It allows us to be more creative in your own way this is so cool. l love the music and it is vary cool so it shod be the next big thing.

  2. billy heim

    this is so cool i luv the music and it is vary cool so it shod be the next big thing. 😉

  3. hope

    this is the next big thing light on

  4. Chasity Livingston

    it lets you be creative in your own way…

  5. chaye carrington

    These are not the next big thing. if you step in water and don’t know it , there can be problem.

    • emerson cagle

      u r wrong

  6. catarina

    I think this is the next big thing because we all like to show off a little

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