Drone Racing

By Abbey Tiderman 02.26.2016 blog

One minute drones are the hottest Christmas present on the market for kids, teens and adult hobbyists alike, and of course popular among adventurous videographers. The next? These high tech flying machines have their own sport–drone racing.

According to the Drone Racing League’s website “Pilots steer from the point of view of the drone by wearing First Person View (FPV) goggles that display a live image transmitted by an onboard camera.” Each drone also has RGB LEDs so pilots can be identified and race audiences can more easily view the action.

During races, pilots fly their drones with agility and precision around obstacles, reaching speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. A racing drone’s H shape, small size (250-250mm), and open source software with a carbon fiber frame to protect it, allows it to perform intricate tricks key to a successful race. Rolls performed by the drones include “Lazy Headslide,” the Puker” and “The Twizzle Stick,” while flips include the “Back Layup” and “Double Peekaboo,” to name a few. There are many more tricks up a racing drone pilot’s sleeve though.

The Drone Racing League will hold six races around the world in 2016 where pilots will accrue points that will get them through to the World Championships. But the racing doesn’t end there. Several other drone racing organizations have formed, each promoting its own intense competitions. Will you follow along?

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  1. mireya

    no its not a good idea at allllllllllllllllllllll

  2. dakota

    i think hoverboard racing should be the next big thing

    • Iyana Pickar


  3. Aidan

    Drone racing is the next big thing, drones became famous at such a fast rate it wouldn’t be surprising if something like this were to become popular as well.

  4. Zackary Orberson

    I like goin fast. And flying things.

  5. Dakota $immon$

    I think it would be cool to race drones because you goggles can be like cameras like in real life……

  6. cyrus

    who this is awesome i know i like it i bet it will be the next big thing and let me just say chanelone is awsome


    no drone raceing might be fun but I think its not

  8. Asani from OLC

    I don’t think Drone racing is the next big thing!

  9. Spanish Fort Middle School

    its a waste of money

    • Asani from OLC

      Drone Racing is a one hit wonder just like hoverboards!

    • Caden carter

      It’s not a waste of money

  10. Ben

    I think drone racing is the next big thing because as are generations gets higher and higher into technology we will start getting competitive with it. Race on!

  11. Jack

    Drone racing is the next big thing because it is a unique sport that is quickly gaining popularity. We have taken the stakes of NASCAR sky high, both literally and figuratively.

  12. Reese

    No, drones are dangerous and used for way more negative things than positive.

  13. Mrs. Graham's Class

    We think drone racing is the next big thing because its an advance in new technology.

  14. Carlton Wade

    I don’t believe that drone racing is the next big thing because there are so many restrictions about operating drones, and I feel that this would just make more opportunities for rules to get broken. Also, this sport could be very dangerous, especially if one of the drones crashed. Lastly, when and if drones did crash, the owners could easily get frustrated and violent if their very expensive drone got destroyed.

  15. Rudra

    This is a lot of fun!! We hope it really “Takes Off “!

  16. Daniel Emmons

    I think it is the next big thing because with this, I think we are getting closer and choser to the big future

  17. Dalton Devane

    Drone racing is the next big thing

  18. Gavin Waltz

    I already want to drone race and i want it to be an official sport, this will be the next big thing and the next sport

  19. lexi

    Yes! They can be the next big thing! While flying these drones we could possibly learn about the science behind these drones!

  20. Allen Mckissick

    Yes. Drone racing might be the next big thing. I seen a TV commercial about drone racing & it’s going to be awsome.

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