Drone Watch

By Tonka Dobreva 12.05.2014 blog

It seems like these days drones are everywhere. When we first started really hearing about them, it was in relation to military efforts. Now, however, drones are way more mainstream, and they’ve been approved for use in filming, plus companies like Amazon want to use them to make home deliveries.

While they’re being used for more things, drones haven’t hit the population at large yet. However, one company is trying to change that by creating a camera drone that you can wear on your wrist. Wait — what?

That’s right, a wearable drone. Nixie is still in development, but it recently won Intel’s wearable technology contest, which isn’t surprising considering it’s definitely an idea the world hasn’t seen yet.

At first glance, Nixie looks like a watch or a bracelet. But inside that bracelet are four tiny copters, and a camera. Once activated, Nixie will fly off of your wrist and take pictures of you. The pictures then get uploaded to an app, and Nixie will fly back to you and land safely on your wrist.

Could the drone watch be the next big thing? We polled our viewers and here are the results:




  1. stephen

    i would want a watch like that.. a watch that watches you now how crazy is that.

  2. Dakoda mcneal

    This would be amazing to have I would buy it if it ever came out it would be my life and you could use it for hard picture moments that you wish you could have

  3. B Man15

    I think this watch is cool

    • Antonio Spurlock

      I love it

  4. Lindsey Schroeder & Shaena B

    The Drone Watch is a great Idea! Making reading time fun and intersting! It will be sure to fly us out of this world!!:)

  5. mazie17

    I want on of these for christmas!!!!! They are so cool! I definitely think that these will be the next big thing!

  6. Donovan

    It would be awesome if this had a mini speaker on it and you could send it off to find help if you’re hurt or in trouble.

  7. Tiger swain

    I want my memories last as long they can be for me to look to the past.

  8. Justin willy

    Yes, this would be the next big thing because when you want to take a selfie on a cliff or a high point the watch will fly and take a selfie for you so you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone.

  9. Dakota

    What if you wanted to take a selfie while on a mountain climbing?? We should have a drone because we could drop our phone while trying to take a selfie on the mountain. Now do you think we should have selfie drones??

  10. Justin willy

    This would be the next big thing because the watch can help you take a selfie without being scared to fall of a clif of drop your phone.

  11. Dakota

    We should have these because what if we wanted to take a selfie with our phone? Then what if you dropped it? Your phone would break and so we should have the drones.

  12. Miya Penn

    Yes because we all want to remember as many memories as we can and nexie lets everyone do that.


    This is a great idea, and is the next big thing.

  14. ar3654@k12.sd.us

    Yeah let’s fly it up!!

  15. Peace girl

    nixie is the coolest “camera helicopter” ever! it would be easier to take pictures way up high. it’s the future’s NEXT BIG THING.

  16. Spencer

    The Nixie Watch is definitely the Next Big Thing. This is a divise that could take us to the future.

  17. Donovan

    What if they sent the drones into space!? Imagine the possibilities! They could be like mini satellites taking HD pictures!

  18. William

    Can be
    Over priced

    • Donovan

      I’m positive that the drone will be overpriced at first, but over time, the price will go down and it will become less expensive. Plus, HOW ON EARTH COULD THAT BE LAME!?

      • prince_teddi

        BC TAKING SELFIES IS LAME! y do they even exist (i mean selfies)

    • LOL

      This is the next big thing! its awesome 😀 not lame

      • T'yQuez smith

        i love it

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