Vote: Are Instant Translators the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 10.09.2016 blog


Ever dream of traveling the world or studying abroad? Discovering new people and cultures? Exploring world-class landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Mount Fuji or the Great Pyramid of Giza? International trips like these use to mean you had to learn the basics of a new language just to “get by” while there, or suffer through frustrating social gatherings and sometimes embarrassing exchanges. Not anymore.

The engineers and designers at  Waverly Labs created Pilot–a wearable translation device–in order to connect two people who speak different languages. As a conversation begins, the earpiece filters out ambient noise and recognizes the language being spoken. It then passes the speech on to the app, which translates it into the listener’s mother tongue, and relays it into their ear without interruption. It even works in groups, as long as everyone’s wearing an earpiece. Highlighting “a life untethered” and “a world without language barriers,” it’s no wonder it has raised $3,242,532 raised on Indiegogo so far.

Pilot will launch into market next spring featuring Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese translations first, and adding Arabic, Hebrew, Slavic, Russian, African, East Asian and Germanic languages subsequently throughout 2017.

Would you try it? Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Zamaine

    I think it’s the next big thing because you can learn other languages.

  2. Jaydin

    Yes! Because when you go on vacation for business, a vacation in general, or a honeymoon, you are going to need to know the language. Why take so much time to learn when you can simply put it in your ear.

  3. Kamryn Schmidt

    It is so cool that you can translate a language.

    • Joeanna

      True but then you reprise yourself of learning ones language or their meaning of can prove helpful in the long run

      • Zamaine

        I agree to your comment.

    • Nicholas wright

      I think it is the next big thing cause you can learn new languages

  4. Ashlynn D.

    I think that it is the next big thing, because you can hear another persons language and they can hear you in their language and it can be an experience to other people and can have more knowledge in an other language.

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