Eco-Friendly Shampoo

By Abbey Tiderman 04.29.2016 blog

Ever stop and think about how much plastic we use everyday? Where it ends up? All the grocery bags, water bottles, and other packaging that surrounds much of the products and food we consume has got to go somewhere, right? Well, in 2010 alone, 275 million metric tons of plastic was thrown away, according to a 2015 study published in the journal Science, and much of that finds its way into oceans. But the good news is, every choice we make as consumers can reduce the impact we have on the environment, a fact that 16-year-old Benjamin Stern of Melbourne Florida was focused on when he developed Nohbo shampoo balls.

Stern’s innovative eco-friendly design kicks traditional plastic shampoo bottles to the curb, and instead, uses 100 percent compostable, biodegradable plant-based material to wrap the shampoo balls in. The shampoo itself, which dissolves and lathers under water, is also paraben- and sulfate-free so that neither your body nor the environment has to absorb harmful chemicals.

Nohbo shampoo balls are super travel-friendly, made in the United States, and so far come in Japanese Cherry Blossom and Smokey Sandalwood scents. You can get two week’s worth of shampoo for $11 on Nohbo’s crowd funding page, and future lines will include conditioner, body wash and shaving cream balls.

What do you think? Will you buy into this plastic-free craze?


  1. Nora Anderson

    There’s a couple of companies like NOHBO, like Tree to Tub. At they sell berries that work as hand soap and they sell shampoo and body wash, but they liquid is on bottles. Their recyclable thou, but I love the berry soaps.

  2. merric gutantes

    I think its the next big thing becouse if you ever have a lttle bit of soap on the bottom of the contaner its hard to get out and this you just takr out of a box get it when and there you go

  3. Billy's Hamiltion

    No I think it is not the next big thing because it would runout fast and it does not look like there is enough of soap plus it looks like he had a piece a soap and mold it into a ball.

  4. Billy's Hamiltion

    I think its not the big thing because it would runout fast.

  5. Sean

    Yes,I think eco friendly shampoo is the next big thing because you should always be clean and to have something with you when your out camping or hiking. This is also good to help you to not get sick while your out

  6. Itza Valdez

    I think this is the next big thing, many take advantage of the few resources we have and if we use these people will be more aware of how much they are using. You also won’t be having to dig into the big bottles for the very last bit of shampoo.

  7. gracy martinez

    i think its the next big thing because there is no waste of the bottle but is it more or less then normal shampoo beside i hope if this works other companies do it (mrs.villanueva 4th piriod)

  8. Makayla

    I think it is because it is easier to use then the big bottles.

  9. Sierra

    It is the next big thing because its small and easy to use. Also you don’t have to worry about digging in the bottle to get the last bit of it.

  10. Michael Sommerfeld

    You can recycle plastic. Buying this wont make a difference.

  11. Star

    No it’s just another shampoo it’s not that great

  12. Haley Hill (mms)

    Yes! I think it’s the next big thing because the turtles you see in the aqarium can die from the plastic and things that help make your shampoo. If you wanna make the world a better place you should think about the Enviroment too. #nbt

  13. Temmie


  14. deztiny young

    this is the next big thing because it gives us a better environment if these where in store less bottles would be throun away

  15. Noah Amos

    Eco friendly shampoo provides a cheap easy way to to reach those hard spots without hurting life. Its the next big thing

  16. Andrew Rudesill

    I think eco-friendly shampoo is the next big thing because it will provide the money without hurting the environment to build a wall.

  17. Jack Campbell

    I DO NOT think this the next big thing because who will buy them?

  18. Bobby bacon

    PLEASE READ THIS IT HAS GOOD IDEAS AND I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE THAT HAD THEIR COMMENT PUT ON THE SCREEN PLEASE and thank you if you do put this on there……I don’t think these are the next big thing because most people would probably not buy this product because it is small and they might need more shampoo and it shouldn’t be just shampoo it should be conditioner too because most people use conditioner too and if it is not taking the conditioner bottles away too then what is the point of doing anything about the shampoo bottles .thank you for taking the time to read this even though it was long

    • Madilyn

      Bobby Bacon,they don’t let people on the screen because they don’t care enough to make a difference or look .Sorry but it is true ☹️

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