Eye Training Apps

By Tonka Dobreva 05.01.2015 blog

Are your eye muscles getting the workout they deserve?

According to new apps GlassesOff and ULTIMEYES, they’re not. They believe that most people’s eyes aren’t as strong as they could be, which is why they’ve developed these game-like eye training programs. Unlike other apps that claim to work out the muscles of the eye, these games were created to stimulate the part of your brain that processes vision.

It sounds hard to believe, but a study found that doing brain workouts a few times a week can increase your ability to see, which is good news for people with glasses. These easy to play games won’t cure bad vision, but they can improve it to a point where glasses and contact lenses aren’t as necessary. A study on the GlassesOff app found that “eye age” was reduced by an average of 8.6 years! That’s certainly something to look forward to. Check out how vision training worked for this college baseball team in the video below:

What do you think? Could workouts for your eyes be the next big thing? Vote and share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Sweetcandy12

    No because some apps can glitch or mess up other people’s eyes.

    • baileylove

      that’s true but that preson is not on the app for hours tho

  2. Eric kim

    ok That can be pretty good idea, but it is still a smartphone app,
    so it makes your eyes get trained, but also tired.

    any comments for that?

  3. McKenna

    I think yes because if you don’t have bees you don’t have honey. Lots of people don’t like honey so what. But I do like honey.

  4. genaro

    i say this is a good idea because there is some people that can not see and they need this for their vision

  5. jake

    yes because some baseball teams can reach there limits towards playing by using one little app.

  6. Alisha Gore

    i don’t think it is a great idea because didn’t they say staring at your phone was bad for your eyes?



  8. lideya

    i hope your reading this channel one but plz do it my big brothers birthdays on may 8 it would be graet if you do a shout out for him

  9. AlwaysBelieve

    I think it is a really great way because most doctors might recommend it. I tried it out and it worked great!

  10. Destiny rollback

    Yes, I think it would make a great impact in the future

  11. Tyreke Callis

    The creators of mobile apps say practicing with their technology can train your eyes to see well, though some eye doctors aren’t so sure. The reason many people eventually need reading glasses is that the lens of the eye loses elasticity with age, and has trouble focusing on nearby objects. The loss of flexibility is just a natural side effect of aging. It really is just like if you think about our muscles anywhere else in our body, the muscle in our eye just starts to stiffen and fatigue

  12. Israel Mauricio

    I think the app is a good thing because it helps people with their eyesight

  13. CFKerns8

    I say no because staring at a screen for so long can get you a ticket to blind-town. Though the idea is great, the amount of time you spend on the screen could just leave you blind.

  14. Kelly Fisher

    I feel that eye training apps with not work with the eye or brain. Phones and screens to me seem like they cause serious problems with mental work. Others may disagree but its only a matter of time before someone gets brain damage from these phones and apps.

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