Fan it Out

By 08.21.2014 blog

If you’re like a lot of people,  you don’t leave home without your smart phone.

And if you’re like other people, it can be tough to keep as cool as you want to be in the summer heat. So why not install a cooling device on something you have with you all the time anyway? iPhone fans, available from Amazon and other retailers, plug into your and provide a cool breeze anywhere you go, any time.

Their manufacturers say that they also drain minimal battery power, so you’ll still be able to text and check Instagram on the go.

But what do you think? Is a fan built for your phone the wave of the future?

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  1. kylee Franklin

    no not a good idea it probably uses battery so fan me away

  2. jahmir abbott

    Yesss Poppin

  3. Monica S.

    Honestly if we had the phone fan, wouldn’t it take more power to generate it.

  4. Brandon

    I vote no because how will you be able to call

  5. aughbrionnah

    yall people that think about the environment u keep up it will actually help but u aint gotta be rude

  6. Cor,Joey,trav

    This is a great idea and it would be good the summer of south Texas.
    You have no idea how helpful this can be when u need a fan and all you have is your phone.

  7. brittany

    I don’t have a phone, but I have a Ipod and i’m usually inside on it but for people who jog might need this object.

  8. Skittles

    Well the fan would be really good after going to Track, Soccer, Football, and Lacrosse. It would really help on those Scorching hot days were kids have P.E. outside. Even after a good workout it would be great!

  9. saifa reaz

    I would rather save my phone battery

  10. Caydlynn Winkowisch

    I think its a good i idea on a hot day you pull it out on hook ot to your phone and cool down i would i get hot easy so my i vote yes new best thing mr.millers class north

  11. Caydlynn Winkowisch

    its not becuase i wastes battery and its little and only works on ipods i vote no i love cannel one news

  12. Simon Beacom

    Yes I think it was a great idea and I think who ever made this cool device will make a lot of money!

  13. Seth Jacobson

    This design is quite foolish. The iPhone/ iPod need to be flipped upside-down to use this, and this product does not seem Pocket-Handy. The idea, on the other hand, can be useful if you have a bigger fan.

    • 5sos

      I agree come on think of something way better. I also feel that it should fit everything not just the stupid I phones its not fair to those who cant even afford them. good idea but if your not going to make it for which everybody can use it then please don’t anything like that again. and by the way it doesn’t seem like anyone likes your product! Thank you!

  14. MrBurmeister


    • Sky

      I agree completely; LOL!

  15. Elisha Self

    put the fan away and come up with a fan that is solar powered. I think it’s stupid that you guys are wasting the time to make simple things that are not needed on this earth. i think you guys should be more focused on the community and the eco system.

    • TrackFreak101

      I agree 110%. We should not worry about fans that plug into our phone but more about saving the envirment around us. See how it’s changeing in the future if we keep polluting he air this world would die out like the dinosaurs did and we would be a thing of the past. Think that over and reply and really think it over!

      • marvel03_man

        i agree with you 100 to

  16. Zackary

    It is just a fan that you plug into your phone big whoop

  17. Hannah / 16 / St. Ansgar, Iowa

    The idea is cool, but what is such a tiny breeze going to do for you on a hot day? Not much.

  18. Dylan-Dukes

    It does not make sence because I would be inside on my phone

    • aughbrionnah

      well I think it would be a great idea if it worked on every phone and not only and iphone 4,4s,5,5s,5c it should even work on ipods and flip phones

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