Finding Fido

By 08.28.2014 blog

If you’ve got a pet, you know that the idea of losing your pet is scary. Some people even give their pets a microchip to make sure they can find them if they end up lost or in a shelter.

That’s why a new company called Finding Rover is aiming to put facial recognition software to use — on dogs. Simply snap a photo of your pet, and if he or she disappears and is found by a shelter or partner of Finding Rover, you’ll get an alert and information on where to find your bestie. So far, they’ve made about 200 reunions happen across the country.

The app is available for iPhone, Android and just your regular old computer. You can find out more on the company’s website, but whatever you do, don’t click on the reunion stories section. Or if you do, bring a box of tissues. (Maggie Rulli, I’m talking to you!)

So what do you think? Vote in the poll and tell us if this is the next big thing!


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  1. Haley

    Now we can find our dog named Muffin.

  2. marvel03_man

    i think this is a good app for my mom because my dog runs away

  3. Braxton sparks

    I think finding fito is the next big thing because if you loose your dog it is like your dieing because you love that dog as much as u love your parents

  4. Cassidy Burnside

    This may be a go to app for some people as soon as they don’t see their dog for a single instant. I don’t think would be appreciated especially if it looks for the wrong dog. It could raise your hopes then completely crush them. This should also be used or not only dogs but also for other animals. This app could be very unfair to some people.

  5. Lucy Lawal

    my dog is a well trained king charles cavalier spaniel. he doesn’t run away, but i understand how many dogs do get lost. every evening this one stray dog always visits me and I’m sure his owner wants him back. this app will be a big help.

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