Flotation Therapy

By Abbey Tiderman 01.08.2016 blog

Does screen time, school stress and activity over-scheduling ever send you into sensory overload? Feel aches and pains from strenuous physical activity (or lack of it?) Flotation therapy just might be the restorative outlet for you. The wellness trend is catching on for its benefits across the country with as many as nine new flotation parlors opening up every month.

The keys to sensory deprivation–and utter relaxation–with restricted environmental stimulation technique (REST) tanks, according to scientific studies and testimonials alike, are the sound-proof, darkened, warm water tanks filled with hundreds of pounds of soothing epsom salts, which keep you effortlessly afloat. The experience is said to help floaters clear minds, de-stress and take physical pressures off the body for a while.

“Floating has had such a profound impact on my life that I decided to open my own center. We want to educate everyone we can about how flotation therapy can make them less stressed, happier and healthier,” said Kriss Brooks, Co-Founder of Northwest Float Center in a press release.

So what do you think? Ready to pop in some ear plugs and take a mood-boosting “plunge?”


  1. Addison

    I think it will be the next big thing for people with anger issues

  2. aniah

    i think it is the next big thing because u get to relax

  3. Makaila

    Yes , I think floating therapy would be the next big thing because floating can sometimes help people relax or calm them down.

  4. Deborah palmer

    It is the Next big thing because if you are a Parent you would like to relax in the tub and get all you’re stressed out

    • Dae"shawndismel

      IT is the next big because you can relax

  5. madison hoge

    it seems really relaxing

  6. Heather

    Yes! I Think float therapy is the next big thing because its so relaxing and soothing you could fall a sleep!

  7. helen

    yes i think that will be the next big thing

  8. helen

    whats up i think yes it looks fun

  9. Amaya Lester

    Yes! I think float therapy is the next big thing because you can relax all day and don’t have to worry about anything but relaxing!!!

  10. Lily andmolly

    I totally think flotation therapy is the next big thing!!! It is soothing and relaxing.

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