By Abbey Tiderman 01.22.2016 blog

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying through the air like a bird, and activities like water skiing, parasailing or jet skiing sound like your idea of summer fun, you may want to try flyboarding, a thrilling new water sport that’s catching on across the globe.

Flyboarding utilizes the powerful engine of a jet ski to propel water through a sturdy industrial hose connected to a board. The user straps his or her feet onto the board (kind of like you would a snow board) and the force of the water pushes it into the air above the water. Balance, shifting the board and body are methods used to control direction, allowing users to either glide above the water or dive below.

Photo Courtesy: Jetpack America

Photo Courtesy: Jetpack America

The pressure of the water is typically controlled below by an instructor, and depending on how much is exerted through the hoses, users can go anywhere from five to 35 feet in the air. A quick preflight training and overview is typically provided, but some companies even communicate with you through a walkie talkie headset during your flight for extra guidance.

Flyboarding is generally considered safe, but height, weight and age restrictions vary across the country, so be sure to check ahead of time if you’re planning an adventure. Also know it’ll cost you a good chunk of change depending on the company and length of your ride, ranging from $99 to nearly $400.

What do you think? So awesome that the experience would be worth every penny?


  1. Isabella

    I think its the next big thing, just think about u watching people that r doing flyboarding, athink of u doing flyboarding, that would be amazing!!!

  2. Hailey b

    Its so cool definitely the next big thing

  3. trinitee black


  4. David Murray

    Wow of course I think it’s the next big thing… that’s totally amazing!!!

    • Zsaniyah moses and Destiny Bryant

      We think its the next big thing because we wont to have fun and experience flying over water but not in a plane.

  5. katie

    well considering people can do these water craft things already i would say that they are already the big thing.

  6. Matthew Beacom

    Yes it would be cool

  7. Dalton Williams

    this would be amazing to do

  8. Buddy

    Definitely the next big thing. It’s like flying on water.

  9. Paris

    This looks cool and fun, but also can be very dangerous. If this is the next big thing please learn to swim and wear knee pads.

  10. Tyqueze Irby

    I don’t think the water board is the next things because there might be sharks were they’re at.

  11. Gerald gifford

    I think it is the next big thing because kids won’t be bored they can use it with there family and friends so it won’t be boring anymore to the kids.

  12. katie

    i think the new water board is the next big thing because theses days kids don’t like physical activity. The new water board will be something run and easy to try.

    • Ja'mes Butler

      I think water fling is the next big thing

    • Johnnicka cotton

      Many people wants to have so much fun to fly across the sky and jumping with joy in screaming at the same time!!!1

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