Foot Golf

By Tonka Dobreva 01.23.2015 blog

Is the world ready for a new competitive sport?

The Federation For International FootGolf definitely thinks so. Yep, that’s right – FootGolf! This new sport that’s popping up on courses all over the world combines soccer and golf into one challenging game.

Instead of traditional golf, where you use clubs to direct a tiny golf ball into a tiny hole, FootGolf lets you use your feet to kick larger soccer balls into bigger holes. Despite it being relatively new, there are a set of established rules, such as wearing golf apparel during games and having to complete each play in a single movement.

There are 28 FootGolf associations across the world, and the sport just keeps growing. Some golf courses have reported higher revenues as kids, teenagers, and adults sign up to play in the competitive games. With over 400 courses in the U.S. alone, and the next World Cup in 2016, the organizers of FIFG hope that more and more golf courses pick up this crazy sport.

So what do you think? Would you join a FootGolf league? Vote and let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Samuel Robb

    yeah play on

  2. 123 awesomesauce

    I do not think that this is the next big thing. I mean golf is not a dangerous sport, but the most high risk sport is soccer. What would happen if someone was hurt while playing this sport and in the outcome people started to become uninterested in both sports and the popularity of these two sports slowly decreases?

  3. sierra

    I feel that its like soccer is a really fun sport, and golf is a little boring so when you combine the two you get a new exciting fun sport!

  4. person101

    we just saw this and theres already a field

  5. agonz

    I would love it and I love soccer

  6. pandababe13

    its very athletic, lots of exercise, nice family game, the sun is nice and its a lot of energy so eat healthy!

  7. Nina

    I love Golf and I play it every week, but I just don’t think this is great. Its still just soccer but with-ought a net. Golf is an awesome game, but Foot Golf, its just not going to work out.

  8. katrina

    I think it would be a good sport so people who love soccer and golf can play both. If you were playing it it would be alot easier to get the ball in the hole!!!!!! I VOTE YES HOLE IN ONE/SCORE!!!!!!!!! :-).

  9. katrina

    I think it would be a good sport so people who love soccer and golf can play both!!!!! 🙂

    • CrazyFace03

      I don’t play either don’t plan on starting

  10. Iliketrains

    Okay, I am a very high level soccer player and I spend 15+ hours training weekly. This could really teach accuracy for plays like goal and corner kicks. I vote yes

    • Regan Foster

      I love soccer. But golf to me is very boring, if you combined it might be fun. And if you cant deiced if you want to play golf or soccer you can play both! So I vote YES!!!!!!

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