Vote: Is Growing Your Own Furniture the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 09.18.2016 blog


In many parts of the U.S., the fall season is synonymous with sitting around a crackling campfire in the crisp night air, and enjoying s’mores with friends and family. Everyone in their hoodies just pulls up a chair, squeezes in on a bench or takes a seat on a good old-fashioned log. Sounds pretty cozy, right? Well what if we told you things in the back yard are about to get even cozier—that there’s a new kind of outdoor furniture…and it’s Terra-ific!

Created by Robino Piergiorgio and his team of artists and designers based in Italy, Terra! is a stylish and sustainable grass armchair that’s gaining international attention and demand. The idea is that instead of filling your yard with outdoor furniture that weathers, fades and ultimately ends up in a land fill, you can invest in forever-functional pieces that are also an earth-friendly part of your landscape.

The chair comes in the form of recycled cardboard pieces that are easily assembled into a sturdy frame. You then fill the frame with soil, seed and water it well, and let the sun work its magic. As the grass fills in, the structure takes shape and you’ve made your own lawn chair—literally!

The recently completed Kickstarter campaign offered backers a variety of options at a range of price points from $24 for the DIY paper pattern to nearly $800 for a three-seat sofa version. It also offered standard chairs, children-sized chairs, two-seaters and extra “cushion” accessories. And for those around the world who aren’t in an environment that’s grass-growing friendly, the company’s website suggests that the chair’s pattern can even be used with concrete or snow!

When this product hits the mass market, would you kick back and relax in a grass armchair? Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Bethany Q.


  2. Fruit Cove Middle School

    I think no, because there will be bugs and a little critter could make a little nest inside at nighttime////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  3. ZADA

    NO because there will come ants and then they will start to bite use

  4. madeline y

    no because it will take long and it will have bugs in it.

  5. Kamryn Hawkins

    NOOOOO. What if it rained …wouldn’t be a huge mess? Plus bugs and worms and birds would be on it all the time. It would be way too messy.

  6. Tommy

    Yes because it is a cool organic way to get furniture without going and buying it.

  7. Madison

    I think it could save us a lot of money and its eco- friendly.

  8. Joshua

    It definitely has potential, but not many people will take the time to grow them.

  9. Kara M.

    Yes because it is a good way to get involved in nature. : )

    • mecka

      i think that growing chairs are the next big idea in the whole world and if it speared out though the world and it will be different in some counties this will be the next BIG THING.

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