By Tonka Dobreva 12.19.2014 blog

Even with a pet-sitter, it’s easy to feel guilty about how much your pets miss you when you’re gone.  Now, thanks to iCPooch, those feelings may get a little easier to handle.

Founded by 14 year old Brooke Martin, iCPooch is a computer and pet treat dispenser that you control with your smartphone, computer or tablet. Using the app, you can video-chat with your dog or send them a treat while you’re out. Just mount a tablet or smartphone to the front of iCPooch and fill it up with treats. While you’re out, you can check in with Fido and let him hear your voice, all via your phone.

Thanks to the hardware inside, you can also use iCPooch without adding a tablet to the front. Just connect the dispenser to your phone, and you can send treats to the device with the push of a button. Now you can leave home knowing that your dog will still feel loved!

So is the iCPooch the next big thing for your furry friend? Here’s what you thought:



  1. carla

    I have a lot of dogs. so I am saying yes its the next big thing

  2. josalen

    yes its cute

  3. manni2244

    What if your dog wakes up to it then breaks it. What then.

    • gigirock

      then just make it out of titanium

  4. manni2244

    Why just why

  5. Ashley

    love this idea i am dog crazy and feel so bad i just LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Monica sabrina

    I think that would be so cool I could give him a treate and see him

  7. Monica sabrina

    I think that would be a good idea because I always miss my dog and i could give him a treate cool

  8. billy bob jenson

    i like ducks so that would be a bad idea

    • stephen gault

      well that is different

  9. billy bob jenson

    you know i like ducks so that would be a bad idea

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