Indoor Surfing

By Tonka Dobreva 11.21.2014 blog

Have you ever tried surfing? If so, you know that it takes a lot of practice, coordination and strength to keep yourself balanced on such a small object, all while riding through some pretty choppy waves. That’s why some people are turning towards surfing–on land–as a new way to stay in shape.

According to the founders of SurfSET Fitness and their devoted fans, SurfSET boards provide an awesome total body workout. The routines take you through a series of lunges, squats and planks atop a faux-surfboard. Those who take the classes say that it helps with balance, muscle strength and staying focused in the gym.

Beyond just looking like a surfboard, the equipment also mimics the side-to-side motion you feel in the water, which encourages you to engage your core and maintain your balance. How cool is that? You can see what the SurfSET boards look like below:

337912_168237253281431_1921142104_oSurfSET class setup via SurfSET Facebook

It’s estimated that 23 million people across the world surf, and now those of us who aren’t close to the sunny beaches of Hawaii and Tahiti can get a similar feeling from the comfort of our own homes, or at the local gym.

So what do you think? Could SurfSET boards be the next big thing in fitness? Vote and let us know your favorite workouts in the comments!


  1. Lindsey

    I personally think indoor surfing is a great way to stay in shape, and give people who don’t live near an ocean an opportunity to have the feeling of surfing.

  2. Autumn Taylor shull

    Omg would be so cool!
    Wen 14 Jan is my b-day. Would really make it special if mentioned. Thx so much!! 🙂

  3. mazie17

    Indoor surfing is cool because you can learn how to surf without getting wet. It is also cool because you will not have a chance of getting eaten by a shark!!!!

    • Autumn Taylor shull

      Wow, that would be do cool!! And on Jan 14 2003 was my b-day..I’ll be turning 12 would make it special if mentioned. Thx 🙂

  4. Milton

    Yes, because if you get distracted from the noise of the waves you might have an accident. And you can pay more attention more than getting distracted from the noise outside.

    • Benjamin Martin

      I disagree because actually going outside would make you better so that you can get a better feel. This is just making our generation more and more lazy.

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