Vote: Are LED Snowboards the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 02.05.2017 blog


As if shredding the slopes and tearing up the terrain park wasn’t Snap-worthy enough, now LED-laden snowboards could be illuminating the night at resorts across the country. It’s all thanks to a bright idea by Enomoto Manufacturing. The board’s lights change every time you move, and once a trick is detected, the color combination intensifies.

The board is still in the testing phase, so you won’t find it on the market just yet — but you can get your hands on this lightweight, easy-to-install LED Snowboard Kit! The kit includes 48 LEDs, with 1,800 colors and 19 modes to choose from—including strobes and chases—and can be controlled with a single button or your board’s acceleration. There are two durable, waterproof LED strips, attached with a strong adhesive, which can be removed without damaging the board. The lights can last for eight hours straight, go to sleep mode when no movement is detected, and come with a rechargeable battery.

Not only will a tricked out board look pretty sick on the slopes, it’ll also increase nighttime visibility, potentially reducing dangerous collisions. But getting this level of style and safety on the mountain will set you back $149.99. Would you go for it?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. taylor wray

    yes i think its the next big thing i would be out in the snow all the town.
    and it will get kids out of the house and out in the snow to excise with their family and friends.

  2. Makhia abercrombie

    it definitely the next big thing because if people had LED lights they could see at night,but also it can be dangerous so you have to be careful!

  3. frankie raybon

    Yes i think the led snowboard is The next big thing.Because its cool and gives people a reason to try a new sport!

  4. Jalayah

    Yes i think the led snowboard is The next big thing.Because its cool and gives people a reason to try a new sporr

  5. David

    Think about the effects of the LED serving as a distraction and a seizure risk.

    • Ryan

      Good point…

  6. michael beltran

    yes,the light up snowboards are the next big thing,because pepole like to snow board at night.

  7. Derek O'Brien

    Yes because whenever it snows u don’t have to have snowball fights all the time.

  8. Paulina

    Yes, the LED snow boards are the next big thing because who wouldn’t want to have a great time snow boarding in the night!

  9. Sky

    I may not no how to snowboard, but for people who do, kalabunga!!

  10. Adara Jaqueline bunn

    Get me one and I will go all night

  11. jason

    Although LED snowboards look cool, they could be distracting to other snowboarders and it wouldn’t be fair to the people who don’t know how to snowboard and they just don’t need to see there feet but need to see where there going so they don’t hit anyone or anything.

  12. Eric Rhodes

    I think the LED snowboards are not the Next Big Thing because if you were snowboarding with it you might get distracted an more likely to crash.

  13. Evie T

    I think that the LED lights are the next big thing, because they give it a cooler way to snowboard. Count me in, with cool way to light up the snow!!!❄️

  14. Berns

    It is a snow board lots of people will buy it


    plus it’s probably not cheap

  15. Daisy Garcia

    these led lights are awesome the next big thing

  16. Daisy Garcia

    I think these snowboards are lit love it very cool and totally the next big thing can’t wait to see it on my local store

  17. Carson Stowe

    No it is not safe.

  18. Carson Stowe

    No because you can get really heart and it is just a snowboard.

  19. Panda

    Led snow boards are the next big thing because if you crash and are stuck people will see the light from a distance

  20. Aiden Mueller

    I am not a snowboarder but, I think yes because if a blizzard/whiteout happened there, you might be able to see others with the light. So light me up!

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