By Tonka Dobreva 02.06.2015 blog

Have you ever forgotten your keys somewhere, then had to sit around waiting for your parent or sibling to rush over and let you in? Well those days of doing homework on the steps may be over thanks to the Lockitron keyless entry system.

The Lockitron Bolt attaches to your doors and allows you to unlock it with an app on your phone instead of a key. It uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your phone, which means it will work even if the power or Internet goes out.

The Lockitron app also allows you to instantly give friends or family access, which means no more leaving the spare key under the mat. It’s also highly secure with a constant feed of who’s home, the last people to use the lock and if someone has knocked on your door.

The Bolt was one of the first devices in a wave of new technology for making your home smarter, and raised over $1.5 million in five days via a crowdfunding campaign. The prototype has been sent out to a few backers, while two new models are currently on pre-sale.

What do you think? Could the Lockitron be the next big thing in your home? Vote and share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Keaonna

    I love this Lockitron because when I get off of school early/ late and the front door be lock, I can just use my phone to unlock with just a button so I agree with this new thing

  2. Brooke Devoy

    When you think about how many people will hack your phone for just some pictures, imagine what they would do for a key to your house! I say no.

  3. ceric hood

    i like derpy kitties

  4. dragon master

    i want this thing i need help putting keys in the door lock. it takes me like 12 seconds to get in. but i don,t have a phone.

  5. saea minyon

    no some people can take your phone and you wond not have aNY COUNROLL of the lock

  6. 123 awesomesauce

    This new lock system makes staying home alone even more dangerous. Imagine if you were waiting for your parents to get home and on your lockitron it says your parents are home. The next thing you know you see this mysterious person enter your home, then your kidnapped or hurt by an unknown man entering your house. The thing about the lockitron is that the lock itself has no lock or determination to identify the user. This could make staying at home alone even more dangerous.

  7. RED

    what if you lost your phone or if someone stole it

    • weimer790

      I thought the same thing

  8. RED

    I say no because They could just hack it

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