Vote: Are Nailbots the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 11.06.2016 blog


Do you like to put your own unique stamp on things? Stand out from the crowd? From the clothes we wear to the color of our hair, many of us do love to personalize our bodies and belongings to reflect our own taste, interests and personality. Thus, we’d like to introduce you to the hot new art-meets-STEM Kickstarter project, The Nailbot.

nailbot2The Nailbot is a smart phone nail art printer merging fashion and engineering, invented by Casey Schulz and Pree Wallia at Preemadonna, who believe in bringing engineering and tech training opportunities to the next generation of girls. In fact, 3 percent of sales will go toward teaching them the ins and outs of how this product was developed!

So how does it work? First thing’s first. To use the Nailbot, you’ll need to start out by painting your fingernails a light base color—preferably white. Once dry, you attach your smart phone to the printer, and using The Nailbot app, pick a photo from your library (which could include your own custom design), or choose from thousands of playful emojis and icons from the app’s library. Once you’ve made your selection, simply slide your finger into the printer’s cradle and select “print.” In just five seconds—and zero trips to the salon!—you have a custom nail art to dazzle friends and family with!

nailbot1Don’t know about you but we couldn’t resist having a little fun here at Channel One.

Nailed it, right? Try this custom, insta-manicure?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Kaylyn Whitlock

    It will be so much fun and cool so count me in!

  2. Emilie B. 6th

    Then that means I can finally get my right hand panted.

  3. Lasana


  4. Jabria

    Yeah count me in!!

  5. Kaya Heinrichs

    Yes!!! there just to cool to turn down.

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