Netflix Socks

By Abbey Tiderman 02.19.2016 blog

You know the drill. It’s super duper late but you just need to watch one. more. episode of your favorite Netflix series. It happens to the best of us during binge-watching sessions. But then come the droopy eyelids and fumbling back through your show the next day to figure out where in the world you left off.

Not anymore. Netflix socks to the rescue. This innovation uses a method called actigraphy to detect when you’ve started to snooze and cease normal waking movement, and conveniently sends a signal to your TV to pause what you’re watching.


But there’s a catch. Before you can reap the benefits of Netflix socks, you’ve got to roll up your do-it-yourself sleeves and make them for yourself (or enlist a tech- and/or knitting-savvy teacher, parent or friend!)



To create Netflix socks,  you’ll need to start by gathering the following materials:

  • A pair of knit socks (that you may or may not have knitted using a cool downloadable Netflix series pattern)
  • A 12” x 12” piece of felt
  • An LED indicator light
  • An Arduino microcontroller
  • A Battery
  • An Accelerometer
  • A Momentary Button

Then, carefully follow these step-by-step instructions provided by Netflix to complete this awesome STEM project!

So how about it? The next time you cozy up on the couch to catch up on your shows, will you slip on a pair of Netflix socks?


  1. ALEX

    I think that Netflix Socks are the Next big thing

  2. alyona

    yes its the next big thing Netflix your wonderful

  3. bobby

    what the heck do you think a sleep timer is for?!?!?!?! This is obviously a bad idea. what if you step in water???? you would get electrocuted. just set your sleep timer and when you wake up again you can go back and keep watching. duh!!!!! netflix is great already. its just fine how it is…… don’t try to change it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Imory clark

    I like this because i fall asleep alot on movies so this could really be good beause i can wake back up and start the movie or show again.

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