By Tonka Dobreva 09.18.2015 blog


If you’re a big YouTube fan, then you might have already come across this new product that has spawned hundreds of videos showing off it’s awesome abilities. NeverWet is a hydrophobic spray coating that can turn most surfaces completely waterproof. Since it was released to the public, people have been filming themselves using it for everything from keeping white shoes safe from barbecue sauce to staying dry while doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

NeverWet works by coating materials with a barrier that completely repels water, mud and ice. The ingredients in the spray turn the liquids into droplets that then just roll right off, keeping surfaces completely dry. It can be used on paper, cardboard, shoes, wood and fabric, making it perfect for waterproofing a variety of items.

Do you think that NeverWet could be the next big thing? Vote and let us know in the comments!


  1. Savi Davidson

    If you accidentally spill juice all over your favorite pants, they would be ruined. But if you use NeverWet, then you wouldn’t worry.

  2. heather

    I love getting wet bring the wet

  3. Alexis edwards

    Yes this awesome

  4. Harryberry21

    I think this will be the next big thing because who like soggy socks when you accedently step into a puddle?

  5. Wilmer Sandoval

    Yes you can put never wet when. Your going fishing and you do not to get wet or when it’s raining you can put neverwet so you can not get in umbrella.

  6. ag118


  7. kaitlyn

    I think this is great! I personaly love riding through puddles, but my mom always gets mad because i get wet, this will defenetly solve my problem!

  8. Shannon

    This might be a great idea. If you have to go out with something fancy on, then this could be the solution.

    As there are also bad things, I have a bad feeling it could bring an fume that will poison you…

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