Paper Recycling Machines

By Abbey Tiderman 03.04.2016 blog

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We all grew up hearing those three important words, right? So much so that for many of us, mindlessly tossing waste into the trash bin is no longer the norm it may have once been for your parents and grandparents. But did you ever wonder what happens to the contents of recycling bins? Or how much energy, resources or money go into the transporting and recycling process? The truth is, they add up. That’s why companies are creating alternative solutions such as Epson’s PaperLab.

PaperLab is the first ever on-site paper recycling machine made specifically to shred the abundance of confidential documents and paper waste generated in a typical office, and reuse it. It’s said to produce up to 14 sheets of paper per minute and 6,720 sheets in a standard work day.  According to Epson’s press release, users can also “produce a variety of types of paper to meet their needs, from A4 and A3 office paper of various thicknesses, to paper for business cards, color paper and even scented paper.”

Employees would simply feed used paper into the machine where it’s finely sliced. Chemicals inside are then used to bind the paper fibers once again, followed by pressure that forms the final fresh sheets. And it does all of this with the help of minimal water, a fact Epson was cognizant of when creating PaperLab. Offices will, however, need a sizable corner to keep it in. The PaperLab machine measures 8.5 feet wide and 3.9 feet deep, and is almost six feet tall!


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    Keep it up. Never stop perfecting it.

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    Wow!This is what I was thinking always… It will be a big machine in future

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