Pedal Boarding

By Abbey Tiderman 05.06.2016 blog

Can you feel it? There’s some serious summer fun right around the corner, and to add to the excitement, a new water sport has got people walking on water—literally. Hobie’s new Mirage Eclipse is an easy-to-use stand up water craft, made of composite epoxy, that allows all ages and athletic abilities to glide across the water.

Much like the motion you’d use on an elliptical machine at the gym, users just move their legs and feet up and down, which activates paddles on the bottom of the board and propels it forward through the water. And no worries if your balance isn’t the best. The water craft’s flat bottom and square-shaped tail gives it stability on the water, keeping you upright and dry, if you prefer that sort of thing.

To steer, you simply squeeze left or right on the bicycle-like handle bars, which control the rudder. The Mirage Eclipse is available in both 10.5 and 12 feet long, and provides plenty of versatility. You can remove the handle bars, lock the rudder into place and use it as a stand up paddle board. If you want to go fishing while you’re out on the water, there’s plenty of room on the board to keep rod holders and a tackle box. The catch? It costs about $2,500 to pre-order one of these babies. But as they become more common in the water sport market, you should be able to rent them on vacation like you would a kayak. Would you try it out?


  1. Jada Terry

    THIS IS THE NEXT BIG THING it is active and fun Jada!

  2. Jessi Hernandez

    I think it will be the next big thing because it’s creating a new way to exercise.

  3. Jessi Hernandez

    I think it will be the next big thing because it’s creating a new of to exercise.

  4. izzy

    it is not the next big thing becuse some people don’t like to excersise

    • Jessi Hernandez

      I think pedal boarding will be the next big thing because it’s fun and new way of exercising.

    • Allerika Henline

      yes it is the nest big thing because it would be easier to exerciser in the water instead of just swimming so yes it is the next big thin

  5. christian davenport

    Yes-i think it will be the next big thing because we don’t wast that much energy and you could have fun while doing it.

  6. christian

    Yes-we wont be wasting a lot of energy if we use pedal boards and we can have fun to.

  7. Kelsey Higdon

    I say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kelsey Higdon

    I do think that it is the next big thing

  9. Andru P

    Yes great exercise

  10. Andru P

    Yes it is great exercise

  11. Andru P

    Pedal boarding is the next big thing since it is like pedal boating but you stand not sit

  12. hannah stokes

    the next big thing keeps you fit and HEALTHYand FUN.

  13. hannah stokes


  14. aamir

    this is the next big thing because i i love this idea

  15. Ryan

    It is the Next Big Thing because it gives you exercise and is fun at the same time.

    • hannah stokes

      it is healthy and fun at the same time and IT IS THE NEXT BIG THING.

  16. Lillie

    I don’t think pedal boarding is the next big thing because it is to big to cairie every time you go too the beach but, I think it dose work out your whole body so, there are ups an downs to the pedal board.

  17. Ashton

    I think it will be the next big thing its exercising the legs and arms on a regular paddle board you just move you arms.!

  18. Boquisha

    I think it is the next big thing because it’s healthy, and its fun!

  19. Brianna

    I Thom it could be the next big thing because you can get more exersize. And I also think that it can be even more fun for adults and kids.

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