Vote: Are Pizza ATMs the Next Big Thing?

By Abbey Tiderman 09.11.2016 blog


Fresh, hot, cheesy pizza. Is there anything better? So imagine being able to walk up to an ATM after a tough test or big game, and getting an entirely different kind of dough out of it–the kind that’s kneaded, baked to perfection and enhanced with your favorite toppings!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Pizza ATMs have been around for years in other parts of the world and will no doubt soon catch on at colleges and high schools across the United States. There’s a convention oven inside, a mechanical mixer to create the dough and an arm to spread the sauce and drop the toppings. You simply walk up and use the touch screen to order your choice of pizza. Pay 10 bucks and in just three minutes, the machine delivers satisfying slices boxed up and ready for you to devour. The only downside is that it can only hold 70 pizzas at a time.

So who’s hungry?! Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Zaaron Benjamin Martin

    Heck no! I would rather have my pizzas served to me with a driver because it wouldn’t make sense to have it brought to me without anyone driving the vehicle. That’s just plain weird.

  2. will

    I thing they should make it in waterloo I think it is a good idea

  3. Samuel

    I think that if you could put those around parks or small establishments they could really take off

  4. emma

    No,because it is weird to make a pizza ATM 1 because you might get a rip off on your pizza and 2 because its unnatural to make pizza out of an ATM I mean people if you make a pizza ATM you’ll ruin pizza forever.

  5. huntervanhaag

    i think the pizza atm is the next big thing

  6. Laurana

    No because it is wierd and it might get you’re order wrong and it might be gross and i do not do not do not do not like it.

    • Mateo

      Yes, that will be the next big thing. Who can resist a slice of delicious pizza, especially when it comes from a MACHINE?! That’s cool and tasty. Gosh, now I’m hungry…

  7. Alexis.L

    PIZZA ATM’S!? THAT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!!!! i love how the idea must’ve formed… i wonder if they’ll have hot-dog toppings? maybe! i can’t wait for the next food-spitting atm!!!!! the next BETTER be taco atm’s!!!! AWESOME!!!!! :p

  8. Brooklyn and MaKayla

    pizza atm is the next big thing! BOI! #blessed

  9. Deann and Haylee

    Pizza is the next big thing

  10. brooklyn

    atm pizza should be the next big thing

    • brystal

      yass it should

  11. Natalie

    No, If you want to get pizza you can just get it delivered. If you buy it from the pizza atm then it cost more than just ordering or getting a pick up.

  12. Haylee

    yes because I eat pizza for Breakfast,lunch and Dinner!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emma

      Yes, because you don’t have to be starving for 30 minutes. Then if the people who work there then they could get costumers faster then they use to. Also it would be better for the companies.

      -Emma fee

  13. Gabby

    Yes, I think a pizza ATM is the next big thing because sometimes if you order a pizza it can take an hour to be delivered but now it only takes three minutes.

  14. jayden

    what if it runs out of pizza doe and you payed for nothing thats just a wast of mony when you can go to little cearesar or pizza hut or papa jhons

  15. Donavon

    print me pizza (;

  16. Donavon

    print me some pizza.

  17. Lilly

    no, because that is what Little Caesars is for and what if the the pizza atm brakes down

    • brooklyn

      print me some pizza

      • jadynsoliz

        me to

    • Alexis.L


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